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Well, I want to thank all of you, especially the tourist, for your interest in such a traditional town as Tonala. I hope my website helped you acquire a better insight on the culturally rich experiences Tonala has to offer. The town is waiting to welcome you with open arms and to share with you objects, foods, places, and drinks that promise to titillate your senses. Once again, thank you for taking the time to visit my website and for considering Tonala as one of your destinations.

Best Regarts !!!

Oscar Hernandez Peregrina


Cihualpilli Square

Most recenty remodeled in 1999, this plaza is named of Queen Cihiualpilli , whose image cast in bronze graces the square.

Kiosk of Plaza Cihualpilli.

Focal point of the twon plaza, this lovely bandstand was inaugurated for independence day. September 16, 1897. It´s of French origin, its style characteristic of the Porfiriato, the period when Porfirio Diaz ruled Mexico (1876-1910).

Municipal Palace

Contemporany in style, Tonala´s City Hall houses burnished brick murals by Salvador Vazquex and Francisco Bautos, as well as Jorge Wilmot´s clock in the shape of a sun, which is made of high friend stoneware.

Botarel Arch

Located nex to the Parroquia de Santo Santiago (Paris Church of Saint James), this arch commemorates the arrival of conquistador Nuño de Guzman to the region.

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